Wednesday, February 13, 2013

antique bakery, vol. 3

antique bakery, vol. 3
fumi yoshinaga
graphic novel/manga/romance/ya
digital manga publishing
published 2006

The Antique Bakery is busier than ever, and the sweet smell of success means even more curious customers are rushing though the doors to sample the treats....including yet another mysterious stranger!  This time around, it's a dashing blonde businessman from Paris claiming to be Ono's long-lost lover.  Is he serving up the truth, or is something else on the back burner?  Leave it to the staff (and two bodacious lady reporters) to get to the bottom of this deep dish.

This time we get to learn more about how Yusuke became a pastry chef and how he has very little self esteem!  We also find out something very surprising about Chikage.

While there is still the humor and romance this installment in the series had quite a dark underlying theme. 

There's still so much to find out about, which I'm hoping some, if not all answers lie in Volume 4!

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