Friday, January 20, 2012

nightschool: the weirn books

nightschool, volume one: the weirn books
nightschool, volume two: the weirn books
nightschool, volume three: the weirn books
nightschool, volume four: the weirn books
by svetlana chmakova
graphic novel/ya
published 2009-2010

Fun, fun, fun, fun!

Alex is a Weirn (a witch) who is homeschooled by her older sister.  Her sister works for Nightschool where Weirns and other supernaturals go to school to learn about their powers as well as all the other normal school stuff.  One day, Sarah disappears and Alex is the only one who remembers her sister ever existed.  Now she must get into Nightschool to find and save her sister.

While that is the beginning there is so much more that happens and so many great characters that show up.  There was so much packed into four volumes I was afraid the story wouldn't wrap up and I'd have to wait until a fifth volume was released.  But Chmakova was able to wrap it all up without rushing things and I loved it!  She did leave off with a tiny hint of more books to come, maybe another story line.  She's been working on James Patterson's Witch & Wizard series (blech) so she's a little busy, but maybe after that we'll get some more of Weirns & Hunters!


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